What is RGK?

RGK is advanced solid modelling software library developed to use in CAD/CAM/CAE and other PLM applications.

RGK is C++ class library for creation, storing, modifying, validating and analyzing precise 3D models.

RGK has full set of low-level and high-level tools for managing information about complex three-dimensional objects.

RGK is based on classical Boundary representation (B-REP) model using modern and efficient object-oriented architecture.

RGK supports easy-to-manage internal and external parallel computing. Kernel architecture was designed to provide full thread safety, reenterability of any function or method, tools for synchronizing of changing or inquiring of any model object data.

RGK can use different GPU devices to accelerate geometric computations in different areas. Application is allowed to manage using of such devices.

RGK is created by professionals having long-term experience of developing industry-leading CAD/CAM/CAE applications.

RGK supports multiple platforms including Windows, Linux and Android in 32- and 64-bit configurations.

RGK implements universal easy-to-use set of classes for creating models of different types: Solid/Surface/Wire/Hybrid.

RGK allows creating and using tolerant geometry objects. Tolerance of any calculations can be defined and controlled by application on every step.

RGK provides integrity of model on each step of its creation or modification. This is guaranteed by tools as logging of model changes and automatic model rollbacks on error operations.

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